Southern Oregon Land Lease Search

We are looking for a 1-5 acres land where we could start a produce / legal tier1 cannabis, organic, permaculture garden. We would farm the land with locally found resources, build a small shelter to live off grid, and build a greenhouse. It is an idea for a biodynamic garden and permaculture, using hugel building technique (originated in Austria). We are an artist/herbalist/musician couple with a 10 years old, and a medium size dog.
We are looking forward to give back to the land of Southern Oregon, not just to take from it. Our roots are deeply spiritual about nature and we believe that dreams can come true. We are open to pay some down payment, and share what we grow. We are also interested about option to buy, but if it's a lease only that's great too.
Please call or email and let's talk if you are interested, thank you.