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Hey world, I am an artist mom and an immigrant from Europe; I've been an artist, a gardener & farmer, as well as a musician since I was a little girl.  I am here to ask for your help to realize a dream that would benefit our mother Earth and you! I have a dream of a beautiful biodynamic permaculture herb, vegetable, and fruit farm that would be open for people to walk around, as a hang out place / CSA / sculpture garden. Please help make this become a reality!

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Southern Oregon Land Lease Search

We are looking for a 1-5 acres land where we could start a produce / legal tier1 cannabis, organic, permaculture garden. We would farm the land with locally found resources, build a small shelter to live off grid, and build a greenhouse. It is an idea for a biodynamic garden and permaculture, using hugel building technique (originated in Austria). We are an artist/herbalist/musician couple with a 10 years old, and a medium size dog.
We are looking forward to give back to the land of Southern Oregon, not just to take from it. Our roots are deeply spiritual about nature and we believe that dreams can come true. We are open to pay some down payment, and share what we grow. We are also interested about option to buy, but if it's a lease only that's great too.
Please call or email and let's talk if you are interested, thank you.



Mapping Project

The Mapping Project idea is based on the belief that art can happen everywhere, sacred spaces can appear everywhere, even in remote locations. How would people get involved? By following a map that I will put up on social media to find the creations in the middle of the woods, behind a waterfall, in different countries and various locations. This could even include never-to-go-to places, like garbage dumps, no-man-lands and unheard-of-locations.

What I would do is I would appear on these places first and create a sacred space, -with materials on location-, that people could find with a map. The materials would be whatever I find on the area, rocks, sticks, sand, flowers, garbage, thrown out bicycles, tires, plastic bottles, etc.

What I want to achieve is to build a community of people who would look for these temporary structures and spaces and would share their experiences on social media. I believe sometimes you just have to get on the bus without exact destination in mind in order to find what you are looking for. I also think that making sacred the never heard of is a good exercise to appreciate life and the living environment.

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Lumen - Entering | Installation at the Unison Sculpture Garden at New Paltz

This is an interactive installation / performance / ceremony space I am building at the Unison sculpture garden. It is inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead. I will have 4 events here, once a week. All with different themes and settings. If you would like to experience them, take part in them or just look around: the first happening will be on April 17 at 5pm. It is a 1 hour performance, that you can be part of. The installation can be found at the very end of the sculpture garden, behind Unison. Rain date is the following day, same time. Address: 68 Mountain Rest Rd, New Paltz, NY. Beware of muddy pathways!

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